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Solar system monitor that can be interfaced with easily


Red Squirrel:
I want to be able to track solar parameters such as battery voltage, solar input voltage, current etc.  While my original idea was to just design this myself with arduino I am wondering if there is a plug and play solution out there?  I don't want anything that uses apps or cloud or any of that, but rather outputs data in a format that I can easily interface with it programmatically.  Like a web page that just displays it and I can just scrape the data or something. Or even better if it's serial. Goal is to use it with arduino so I can turn relays on/off and do other things based on the information. (ex: turn off certain loads if voltage is too low)

Does such a device exist?

Try open source home assistant.  Lots of video's and info.




--- Quote from: Red Squirrel on June 09, 2023, 01:43:09 am --- Or even better if it's serial.

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Victron brand solar chargers have a serial out interface that spews out all the data whilst charging your system. Whilst with the modern chargers, you do need to use a bluetooth something to tweak the charger settings initially and feed it the latest firmware, the serial can be read by an arduino, depending on the particular serial chip on the arduino.

Hit me up if you'd like more info.

Red Squirrel:

--- Quote from: ahbushnell on June 10, 2023, 04:42:34 am ---Try open source home assistant.  Lots of video's and info.



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That's just software I'm looking for hardware. Will probably just write some basic python scripts or something. Basically if voltage goes below a threshold for more than a certain time it will turn off inverter. I'll just use a relay then wire it in to the on/off switch.   I already have a charge controller and everything, I just have not actually put it to good use as I don't want to put loads on it and be blind as to what the voltage is.  My plan has always been to just design the system myself but looking for off the shelf solutions first so that it's more plug and play.  Getting accurate readings can be really tricky as lot of things can affect it such as temperature. The battery voltage reading on my server rack can be off by several volts sometimes, and it's very random.  I suppose using resistors in the divider with a lower temp coefficient can be better or a set of two with differing coefficients (ex: one negative one positive).  but if I can just buy a monitoring system that handles all that then I'll go that route.
The charge controller that is in place is an Epever which has serial... now I wonder how readable that data is, maybe that IS an option.  Assuming it actually is serial that is... it uses a phone jack and it's for the display panel, but maybe it just uses it's own protocol too.. will need to play around with it.


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