Author Topic: Highest practical power level for offline led driver (240vac)  (Read 157 times)

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200W Offline LED driver, 240VAC input. Done with Power factor corrected Boost then LLC.
Output 250V, 0.8A
Efficiency would be 93%....but do you agree, that a 1kW LED Driver is not really practical, because the current would have to be so high and the LEDs would need to be paralleled, which is sub-optimal. As such, 200W is the highest comfortable level for LED drivers off 240VAC? Higher powers should be dealt with by just having multiple 200W drivers?
I am talking about having the driver mounted at floor level, and the leds mounted in the ceiling.

You can buy very high current leds, but they are rare, and they have supply such, we really need to keep to more common current level COBs and LEDs....hence the lower agree?
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Re: Highest practival power level for offline led driver (240vac)
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Not really, I could see a kW (or even a 3kW design) where the Input stage and PFC boost converter are common parts and the thing has say 6 outputs for the LED strings.

Hell for some applications a series string totalling bignum volts is quite practical, they do this with runway lighting (28V lamps in series with the lamps designed to go short circuit when they fail (In the manner of old school christmas lights), fed from a current source at maybe a 1,000V compliance. 

There was even street lighting that was done as a series string (with similar shorting contacts when the filaments failed) that again was a few kV supply to the string, mainly a US perversion I believe.

There are odd use cases for almost anything you can imagine, they may be too niche for your company but that does not mean that they don't exist. 

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