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Tesla and other electric cars drives parts of Norways electric net to its knees

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There is no reason to think that people will have more time, rather most will have to work harder for their money, because so many things will be done for free by machines.

Supply and demand always determines wages, even regulation cannot prevent it because trade agreements have already given poor countries promises for twenty years that they would be able to sell their low cost services to developed countries as the effect of machines on labor's price pushes wages downward by making jobs scarce and labor plentiful. So changing this now will be difficult, when the push is so strongly in the other direction, to open labor markets up to them since people in developed countries likely either don't want skilled jobs that only pay a fraction of what they did in the past, or don't have the advanced educations which will increasingly stand as the barriers to their getting them.

Don't blame me, I am just trying to give you a heads up.

Your idea of encouraging creative thinking is exactly what they don't want more of, because they already are trying to stay on top despite an exponentially increasing body of knowledge that is making their business models look more and more dated and broken.  Its all they need to create more. Not.

No, they want fewer logical thinkers who are not on a very tight leash, so thats is what trade agreements are setting up.  They are making higher education so costly and so unlikely to lead to a paying job without investments which will look impossibly hard to most people, plus when one finishes eight or perhaps soon ten or twelve years of college then they will likelyhave to work for almost nothing for many years, that will become the norm. Only wealthy people will be able to afford to pay for that for their children.

The challenge for them is to reduce their people's expectations of success without being obvious about it. Making it impossible to get an education is one thats most likely to succeed. People who could never get an education don't expect to succeed. So when they don't, nobody is surprised. People who have a good education expect to succeed, and its much much harder to create convincing scenarios within which they don't.

Hard but some are determined to do it.

--- Quote from: mux on November 10, 2017, 02:52:37 pm --- Consequently I would expect a society based on stuff everybody wants to become a bit like a massive hackerspace; everybody doing things because they can or because it's interesting. Not because it is necessary - eventually - towards their personal or communal survival.

Also, I'm very skeptical as to the percentage of people primarily interested in their offspring. Fertility has not increased with increasing standards of living and decreasing stress on individuals, quite the opposite. There is a whole further philosophical train of thought you can follow here, by the way. Not sure how far we can continue going off-track and into side streets until this topic is split off.

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