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Test of 9V batteries ( 33 of them )
« on: November 28, 2022, 07:18:53 pm »
Hello guys,
Since 9V 6F22 are unfortunately still haunting electrical engineers, as some more sophisticated multimeters eat them by dozens, our agony and economic losses may become slightly better if we switch to better battery brand, or more suitable technology. Today, there is tens of 9V block batteries and accumulators, but only some of them are worth the money. And noone knows which ones. Well, until today.

This video covers my instruments that eat nine volts one by one, and then talks about the test. Each battery type (zinc-carbon, alkaline, primary lithium, NiMH and Li-ion w/ USB and step-up) is described as where is it suitable, and what battery of this technology I would recommend.
Unfortunately, I don't have yet results of cycle life for NiMH 9 volts. This will take some time. Eg. half an year ago, I released test of 196 AA batteries and started cycle life test immediately once videos came out. Today, these 86 rechargeables have only 300 cycles (and three have died), so it may take an year for nine volts to die so I would have the data. Therefore, please take in account, that NiMH is not yet thoroughly tested.

Capacity test was performed at CC=10mA with 6,0V cutoff. Fully charged voltage was also measured, this is important for NiMH. Of course I let them sit for a week before taking measurement.Tested batteries were bought in Czech republic, central Europe, so not all of the listed batteries may be available in your market.

The video link is here:

Thumbnail of the video is not visible, so I added it to attachments.

May you batteries never come dry, and may you instruments keep their ppms. Shall your last digit be stable, and datalogging uninterrupted.

EDIT: It looks like YouTube is still processing the video after half a day. Original is 4K 60p, but now only FHD is available, and the quality looks to be 480p, so I apologize for that.
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