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The cost of solar generation

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Why is the cost of solar generation positive in NSW and negative in Victoria?
Dont understand why you get paid to put power onto the grid from solar in one state and in another you have to pay to put solar power onto the grid?

That's averaged over the day, but it looks like there were either transmission constraints (prices tracked in all states other than NSW) or NSW had some off market pricing included.

For those who aren't familiar with the source:

I still dont get why solar roof top gets negative but other forms are positive. Why dont they all suffer from the same transmission constraints?
Thought they were trying to go green, how is that supposed to happen when solar power for some crazy reason costs money to export.
If its costing money why do people bother exporting it? and how can i only import solar power so I can get paid for taking it?


--- Quote from: Someone on September 28, 2023, 09:49:31 pm ---That's averaged over the day
--- End quote ---

OK, so thats the daily average, that means its mostly negative to average out to be negative over the day, so why/how is generation negative during the an instance of the day when it costs money to generate?


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