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The latest fad in SMPS's....Planar transformers?

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--- Quote from: T3sl4co1l on November 07, 2022, 04:07:09 pm ---Interconnection from inverter modules (IGBTs) was dick-sized litz cable from NEWT.  (Yes, well, it just happens to be the nearest sized piece of anatomy. And given the soft flexible vinyl jacket, about as flexible as one -- well, take that whichever way you wish to take it...  >:D :-DD )

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Hey, I remember some time ago you posted almost the same answer. And it gave us here a very good chuckle.

Thanks again :)

We got a planar txformer done for push-pull 24vin 32vout 300w 225khz, split sec.

They gave us a spec of 1.2uH (as attached) for pri:sec leakage L.
But over the phone have said its actually 100nH.

But do you think we are being pinickity to ask for the leakage L between both halves of the primary too? (ie short one primary half, and measure the inductance at the other primary half.)
Or is it just taken as wrote that Planar designers make this vanishingly small.?

Why do you think they did not give this inter-primary leakage figure? (attached only shows pri:sec leakage L)...i mean, they know its for a pushpull use.


"PI Expert Now Supports Planar Transformer Designs"



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