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Totem Pole PFC is over-hyped?

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Ayk, Totem pole PFC  saves the losses in  the mains bridge rectifier, and the boost PFC diode.....it has its own losses, so its not a total winner.

So why not just use a normal Boost PFC, and make its output diode synchronous, and make the mains bridge diodes synchronous?....it would require far less effort than all the paraphinalia that goes with Totem Pole PFC circuits and controllers. Plus avoids the known common mode EMC problem that happens with Totem Pole PFC.

344 people have read this as at 24 june 2023, and not one disagreed.
It is simply the case that we have all fallen for the hype....Totem Pole PFC is another "Y2K thing".
Fake news.

The reality is that  people are tired of answering your nonsensical "do you agree" topics with faulty spice simulations where you look with a magnifying glass into non existing glitches . But you don't seem to get the hints you've gotten from many people.

Between your last clueless account and now this one you have made close to 1000 largely useless topics and nearly zero contribution to the forum outside of those.

Last time I darkened one of your threads I suggested you should get a clue. Clearly this hasn't happened in the last year since then and all the years before  :palm:

Thanks, the way to beat the so called Totem Pole PFC is just to do as in the top post.
The mains bridge is 50Hz and is easy to make synchronous.
For the Boost diode......just have a hi side supply which you use to turn on an NFET placed in parallel to the boost diode.
Refer the gate drive signal up with a high CMTI digital isolator.
Sense the load current, and when it goes so low that the inductor current goes discontinuous, , then disable the synch rect.

Also, when near the zero crossing, the boost inductor current may go discontinuous, so disable the boost diode's synch rect near the zero crossings.
Thats all thats needed to kick Totem Pole PFC into touch.


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