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Using the EV to power the house. Peak/off peak energy price mitigation. Video.


That's the idea. What do you think?



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Good one.

The fact that the site is written in HTML in this day and age gives all of us some hope.

V2L : good for camping, or emergency power during a cutoff. Ford and Hyundai already have those. Please, OEMs, make sure this can be upgraded by SW to a synchronized system.

V2H : simple paperwork (no feed-in into the grid) but complex on the regulation side, needs tight interaction between inverter and house power measurement device...

non-interactive V2G : you profit from the battery directly, and feed-in when thee price of electricity is higher.

Networked V2G : The Battery and charge management profits the grid operator (or VPP operator) -> That's the best combination to achieve on the long run, and technically simple, because the response time can be much slower, and it does not need any current measurement.

There are two hardware flavors for all of those :

- AC V2G/V2H  -> costs <1k$
- DC V2G/V2H  -> costs >4k$

The cost difference is so huge, because a DC based system has to install a dedicated inverter. An AC-based system uses the charger of the EV as a bidirectionnal inverter.

Basically, all the startups doing DC-based V2G (often even based on the obsolete Chademo standard) are doomed to fail economically, because it just cannot scale over the level of early adopters.

What we need is OEMs offering bidir chargers that could be synchronised to feed into the grid...
No OEM has demonstrated that yet, and it's really a pity that Tesla does not push that...


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