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Wanting a home solar system in Yorkshire, UK

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I've been interested in renewable energy for years, but have never actually installed anything. I'd like to have some solar panels put on my roof with a grid tie inverter. I think I have enough knowledge to be able to pick out suitable products, but I'd like someone else to do the actual installation.

Do you tend to buy your own stuff, have it delivered, then hire someone to install it? Or do the installers normally supply the parts as well?

Can anyone recommend any solar installers/suppliers in the Yorkshire region?


To be eligible for any feed-in-tariffs, you'll have to have the system installed by an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certified installer. They'd probably do a supply-and-fit rather than you sourcing the gear but that's up to the individual installer I suppose.

You can search for local installers here:


Can't help you with your conundrum but have been idly toying with the figures for solar PV myself.

Sadly the house faces south and t'missus does not want panels visible from the road so it's going to have to wait.

But, for anyone who has recently installed solar in the UK how is the economics stacking up at the moment? - feed-in tariffs are down to about 4p/unit aren't they?

I was actually thinking that off-grid might be starting to look more attractive - if you can "keep" every unit you generate and use it yourself that saves you 15p or so which seems like it might be better than only getting 4p to sell it back to the grid.

There's a calculator which works it out for you here:


Their figures suggest a system that'd fit my roof (average semi-detached house with a SSW facing roof) would cost ~4000 and would 'earn' ~2800 over its life, so it'd cost me 1200 to have solar.

Seems a bit rubbish really.


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