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What happened to the DIY in solar!

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Seems to me all I read about here is buying this that and the other or who is the best installer etc and that is common among most sites I look at.  As far as I can see in the UK at least with the current feed in tariff rates a fully commercial installation (required to attract tariffs) is just not economically viable as the payback time is longer than the equipment life.

However for those of us determined to do our own thing buying at component level the silicon cost has dropped dramatically over the last few years and I heat all my water in summer using PV (and save some fuel in winter). I must admit to buying panels as they were cheaper than I could make them but everything else is entirely DIY.

So all you latent electronic/software engineers post some systems here too :)

... designing something from scratch then building it from retail parts is always going to be vastly more expensive than buying a commercial product.

Unless you value your own time at £0 per hour which I don't :)

Add in the fact that you won't get a feed-in tariff paid if you use home-made and installed equipment. Also good luck convincing your house insurance company that it's all legit!

The only case I see for DIYing stuff is where you want something that's not commercially available cheaply.

I guess they dont want you to feed in more solar energy, but do the so called self-consumption. Dont you use net metering in the UK? If so, just size the system to your yearly usage.

DIY PV is banned here in CZ.

That picture may be why. I assume those are lethal voltages. Don't even see an earth connection.


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