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What is the highest current SMPS in the world?

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What is the highest current "single stage"  SMPS in the world? (ie not a collection of paralleled SMPS's)
Or just the highest current one that you know of?

I am speaking of single stage, no paralleling.
Not speaking of mains rectifiers...speaking of high frequency SMPS...eg switching frequencies of >(a few 100 Hz) or so.
Non isolated. (or isolated if you have an example)

Atmosphere.  Operates in discontinuous mode, but crazy amperage.

Don't you have some actual work to do? Like making power supplies for LEDs or something?


--- Quote from: Faringdon on February 26, 2024, 10:31:46 am ---What is the highest current "single stage"  SMPS in the world?

--- End quote ---

Maybe quark star or black hole  :)

When quark star cracks in the shell, it releases incredible energy of electric and magnetic field pulses... 

It depends on what you class as an SMPS.  Voltage-source converters, for example, can reach power levels in the thousand-MVA range.


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