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Where do you get Solar cell 'slivers'?


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knew where to get those small sliver like solar cells, the ones they chain together to make cells in garden lights, etc. They're often small rectangular or half moon pieces, 10-15mm wide and 25-50mm long. I need to make a mosaic like solar panel.
I'm wanting some for a small project and the area is an odd size. Only looking to make up something around 5V@20-100mA
I don't really want to buy cells and 'carve/break' them up to fit.


I would go to aliexpress, and search "solar panel" and sort by lowest price. The cheapest is a 40x15mm cell, costing 0.67$.

I recently bought a slightly larger one from someone on aliexpress, it seems to work fine.

I bought a pile from eBay for pennies.
they were A grade 10x10cm cells with minor edge damage, you can tag them up to change the v/a ratio.


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