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Where does a smart gas meter get is power from?

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Where does a smart gas meter get is power from? It is easy for an electric meter, but how about for a gas meter that doesn't have any wires attach to a power supply? I don't see any solar panels. Is it battery powered? Does it have a small gas flow generator?

Mine has a battery - I know, because I got a notice from the gas company that they have to replace it.

What about my water meter? A guy comes along and waves a wand at it and gets a reading. No obvious way to open it up and put a battery in it.

I found one solution that can work for 10+ years.


Both gas and water can use battery. Of the order of 10 year lifetime. There are even units with remote comms these days running NB-IOT LTE modems. Others are Zigbee or similar local comms.


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