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Where does this symbol come from


Hi guys, I have been rooting around for an hour or more trying to find the authentication of this commonly observed symbol for what I guess we would take to be  dc supply  without the text of course

I havent found it in IEC standards or CAD symbol library etc

Bear with me here as IMHO it has important implications - particularly in the field of electrical protective devices.  You find this symbol slipped into the markings on fuses and switchgear often from the PRC.  This crops up in device offered for sale for use with Solar systems and associated batteries, inverters, switchgear, fuse protection.

Without text this symbol on a drg might imply a screened cable - for example.

Anyone know of an official source for this symbol used for dc supplies?  BTW the official IEC symbol is =

BTW as a corollary to the above, you are surely aware of the widespread use of a fake CE marking

This has shown to be a particular problem in electrical gear from the PRC eg mobile chargers and dangerous outdoor lighting fixtures (metal case 3 wire, but earth not connected, not IP65) a fatality occurred in a pub beer garden.) and so on.

The EU CE mark in a self certified joke dont trust it

Fake CE means "China Export"

You don't need to authenticate it. It is the symbol used everywhere and universally for DC, on all devices, from all sources, since the beginning of time.


Now that is the spirit and supports the ethics of a competent designer - the devil is in the detail.

Standard :
IEC 60417 — Graphical Symbols for Use on Equipment

Thanx 10^6 :-+

For a reward here is a source of amusement. What do you make of this




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