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Where to get high-capacitry 18650 batteries in bulk?

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Red Squirrel:
I don't have any immediate need or projects but been looking for fun too and it seems there arn't that many sources.  Hopefully that will change as there does seem to be a bigger interest in these in general.  Amazon seems to be an "ok" source but it's really hard to tell what you're getting.  Lot of fakes and perhaps some of the non fakes might be overpriced, hard to really know.  The going price seems to be about $10/cell for a premium type but perhaps that is actually more than one should pay, really not sure.

I've just ordered 30 NCR18650GA for about 6.40$ per cell on ebay germany, which I bet the seller imported for 4-5$ from the factory by buying via alibaba or the like. At 100, why not just order them from the factory yourself?


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