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4 out of 5 vendors are scamming people with wrong crosssection of cables

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--- Quote from: themadhippy on May 23, 2024, 12:13:27 am ---
--- Quote ---(american) lumber sizes where 2x4 is like 1.5x3.5
--- End quote ---
2x4 is the rough cut size,  1.5x3.5 is what you end up with once its been finished  smooth with all those annoying splinters removed

--- End quote ---

Sort of.  It used to be about 2x4 rough off the sawmill, then it shrinks as it dries and is then milled down for smoother surfaces.  In the old days, 2x4s were larger than today, but varied in size depending on the type of wood, moisture content, and how aggressively they are milled.

But as construction became more standardized and drywall became common, people wanted uniform size, so the 2x4 rough that ended up typically around 3.625x1.625 or so was redefined to the slightly smaller 3.5x1.5 finished size, with the rough cut size whatever is needed to meet that.

Which is just a tangent but a good example of how nominal sizes and size classes need to be interpreted carefully and need to actually check the relevant standards.


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