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Title: [Giveaway] FX-888D Mains Board Replacement
Post by: gbrown128 on January 16, 2020, 02:53:13 pm
Hi Folks,
I recently had to replace the mains power board mounted to the transformer of my FX-888D. Rather than pay the £20 to Hakko I tacked my own design onto a JLCPCB order. The design is up here, along with some photos: (

I have 4 spare, so I thought I'd offer to post them out to anybody who can use them. Drop me a message and I'll post them out from the UK free of charge!

As to why I needed it - I  have a 120V model, so it runs off a step-down box. That box also has a 240V outlet on the front that accepts the US plug!  :-BROKE I didn't have a good soldering iron to swap out the fuse with, so traces got ripped and it was all a bit messy!

I hope this is useful to someone!