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1080 Ti KFA2, kinda "common" artifacts but don't match up to what I see?

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Ok I will run that

--- Quote from: wraper on September 26, 2021, 03:33:45 pm ---
--- Quote from: William_K on September 26, 2021, 02:06:26 pm ---Thought if fex any memory controller was faulty on the gpu, and well I assumed the memory was involved if there is graphical artifact on the screen?

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Not sure if you properly understood what I wrote.
Is it a RAM failure? Likely but not necessarily. As I already wrote, you cannot test RAM instability with just a short partial test. Short test is only suitable for finding the most obvious faults, like a whole data line not working or a complete RAM IC failure. Not suitable for cases when card actually runs but is not stable.

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Ok I get it. Short tests only for major faults, and I should perhaps then just be pretty much lucky to find it. It pretty much always show artifacts, once in a Linux Mint dist it didn't but at a reboot it did, and so on, But not 3D. Will test the entire memory during work and see if its even done when I get home 8 h later just to see sort of speak. And the card doesn't seem like it has been very hot during a long period or so.

--- Quote from: Labrat101 on September 26, 2021, 03:12:56 pm ---If this card was used for mining. And was pulled because it failed.  You are wasting your time . As the mining process can run the cards at max loads and put abnormal stress on the GPU and the memory..

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True, but the strange part then is that it ran just perfectly fine during 1.5 - 2 month or what it was and then slowly degraded during a month or so, and I doubt (?) a mining card that has been decommissioned because it broke due to long time overload would still work that long afterwards? But sure I can be wrong for all what I know but I hope I'm not.

The only thing that was not ok on it when I got it was that the electrolytics had been torn off "by kids" as the seller said Idk about that, and they had been tried to be glued in place again with hot glue. :palm: They were easy to replace with new ones though and the card worked just fine afterwards and I was very happy.

The caps were ripped off by kids and hot glue back.  :palm:
These boards are multi layer there is a chance that even though you think you replaced them there is a good chance that the iner traces were damaged.  And I guess you assumed they even stuck the right values back in the right places.   :palm: .
Maybe why it worked for a short time.  Cap voltages may be wrong.  .
. If kids have messed with this card it has been for sure some what miss handled . Plus static charge .  Bent twisted,  dropped,  etc.

You guess a lot, of course I didn't guess, gees. I know what value, voltage, ESR, height and so on they should be and ordered the right ones before I got the card and those on there was the original and also had the right value and so on, so I'm 100% confident I put the right ones on there.

All the Vcore layers are connected at this point and I of course checked the vias for any damage but those 4 that was ripped off (not all of them) so had the legs not been ripped out from the board but stayed on 2 of them. The other two the legs had been ripped out from the board but the holes looked fine since the vias them self had not been ripped out so there was still solder in them so I'm confident they are all alright.


Alright, have done a full memtest now (I think, took 4 hours) and it doesn't seem good with not a single memory chip working as it seem.


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