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1080 Ti KFA2, kinda "common" artifacts but don't match up to what I see?

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Hello guys!

I have a KFA2 1080 Ti EX OC Galaxy (yea I have never heard about that brand before either) which I bought with destroyed caps and got it cheap and I replaced them all and it worked fine for a very few month.

Then it started to lock up in games after an hour or even longer but could go back to desktop and restart the game but lock quicker until cooled down.

Time went on and it got worse until it within a month got so severe that it totally locked up the computer so only a reboot would work. But if it locked up that hard it would not boot again until it cooled down and it was not sure after that either.

After some time it could and booted but if even if I started a youtube video it hanged hard after some seconds, a game it hanged pretty much instantly.

When it hanged is got the "space invader" artifacts on the screen. In 2D it work ok-ish but sometime it get thin short lines here and there and when I push the card together a little at the gpu/memories I could once see some very few pixels disappear and be normal so I 100% expect a memory fault.

Started thus Nvidia MATS and different memory tests but all tests pass!! Although it say it can't test RM upper memory bank or something by what ever the reason which I really want to but don't know how.

I have seen many pictures on these space invader artifacts but not really got the cause of it I think mor them memory problems? And MATS say all is ok so what the heck is going on here? I really, really hope its not the GPU? But everything work pretty much fine otherwise, so its strange.

Any clues?

Did you run MATS with proper parameters so it tests 100% of the memory? What I have downloaded from Russian forums usually had a bat file with parameters to test only a small fraction of the total memory.

Yes I ran the specific MATS and followed this from the start for the initial install things:

I could choose to test 100% or the full amount in MB of the 6Gb memory but that would have take hours based on how slow even 100 Meg was, which was really surprising based on how fast this memory really is, so I don't know if that is normal.

It also mentioned in the video that even 5MB should be enough for testing, but I don't know and it don't seem so for me.


--- Quote from: William_K on September 26, 2021, 09:21:20 am ---It also mentioned in the video that even 5MB should be enough for testing, but I don't know and it don't seem so for me.

--- End quote ---
It's enough only if you have a completely dead chip, otherwise it's not.

Don't get how you ment there? If the gpu is dead (which I doubt in this case) then you can't test any memory on the board?

It say:

"Warning: RM unavailable - won't test GP10x upper memory".

Read that had to do with if you tested a secondary card if fex you had grapics in the cpu, which I don't so I see its strange.


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