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1080 Ti repair help, a really odd fault. *Probably dead gpu, so I'm done*

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I have two things to pitch to you.

The first, is to test the video card ram. There is a tool to do this. https://www.programming4beginners.com/gpumemtest

The second, and not for the faint hearted, is to reflash the GPU VBIOS. If you do go down this route, double check EVERYTHING, to make use you have a BIOS that will work with your card. Bricking is possible. Make sure to first back up what is installed in the card, even if it may be bad.
It could just be the flash has flipped some bits, causing the card not to boot properly, and re-writing it may fix it up. After that, it's back to hardware faults.

Thanks for the reply!

I put it in my computer as a secondary and booted it with another working card but windows don't even recognize it what so ever, which surprise me a little. but I can feel that the gpu dont even get warm, hmm.

I have the necessary equipment to flash the bios, so I might go on that one but I have doubts that it would work and there is something else but you can only hope.

Yeah, make a backup first, then try some vbios.
Some mobos don't like secondary GPUs. Try resetting the BIOS, it's not the first time they mess things up.
Mine suddenly corrupted for no reason, one day the computer began to show blue screens, tried everything, removed and cleaned every part, resetted the bios 100 times... nothing, in the end the system stopped botting showing a RAM error code in the diagnostic leds.
Then I switched to the 2nd bios (dual bios is a lifesaver) and worked instantly. Switched the BIOS again...error.
Copied the BIOS from the good one, done.

Also ensure some idiot didn't put liquid metal thermal paste and spreaded everywhere...

That's messed up. Its a modern MB; ROG Strix X570-F GAMING. No, no liquid metal thermal paste thankfully.


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