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1080 Ti repair help, a really odd fault. *Probably dead gpu, so I'm done*

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Hello everyone!

Got a used Zotak 1080 Ti blower from my friend who bought another one since this one didn't work anymore and he didn't have a clue to what had happened with it and neither do I but at least he doesn't do overclock as to my knowledge and it wasn't watercooled.

Its a really strange fault: the fan works and blows slowly as I guess is expected on these cards, all the voltages are surprisingly within spec, and fex the 0.9 Vcore goes down to 0.7 after some seconds as expected. My computer has 4 leds and the computer stop when its comes to the the graphic card LED and just hangs there. The screen cycles between inputs without finding the card and the screen doesn't show anything at all.

However, after around 30 seconds or so the graphic card LED goes out, a green led is lit, a single short beeb is heard and the computer actually boots!! What the..

There is nothing on the screen though but the screen has detected the card since you can see that the screen is activated if you know what I mean.

The GPU chip gets really hot and a thermal camera also shows all the memory is very slightly heating up a little when the computer beeps.

I have also tested the card on an little older another MB (not with a screen though) and its pretty much the same thing; a led at the graphic card is red and stays so for around 20 - 30 seconds after it goes out and a short beeps is heard and a LED for boot_device lights up.

I'm totally lost!

Does anyone perhaps have an idea or even a loose theory to this or any tip to what to look after?

Regards William

Welcome to the forum

It's more likely  that the HDMI port has got damaged . One of the pins has got pulled off the board.
caused by the weight of the cable .
Try one of the display ports .
You have 1 HDMI & 3 Display ports


Ok yea that is of course something to check up on, I will take a look there. Although surprised and a little scared of the abnormal long pause though that the gpu should be dead.

Sounds like dead memory/bad BGA connection on PCB or some other physical damage. Check if any components are cracked/missing on PCB.

Ok, will check more carefully under a microscope.

Can the possibillity of a fubr GPU be ruled out or the is still a possibility? Since that is pretty much a dealbreaker.

The HDMI and connections looked fine but I have planned to buy a Displayport - HDMI adapter just to be sure since my old screen only have HDMI, and well VGA as well, yes its old.


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