Author Topic: 852d+ Cheap Repro Proactive repair questions  (Read 835 times)

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852d+ Cheap Repro Proactive repair questions
« on: April 04, 2017, 07:25:49 am »
So I have the 852D+ Rework station (hot air and solder)  I had got it for very cheap and I have done some reading and once got a search to work and give me some threads on here that eluded to the possibility that someone somewhere is working on replacement boards that are uC based.  I can not find them and if anyone knows where they may be or has a link to a project page that I can read up on I would greatly appreciate it.  That being said I apologize for this post as I know that it is probably drudging up things that have been posted before but as I said the search function would just not work for me no matter what I tried keeps saying report to the admin.  I will likely do so if it persists.  My current plan is as follows

Make sure unit is properly grounded and fused.
Add a switch that will cut power to the unit so I can turn it off all the way after the cool down cycle (to prevent random triac failures)
Do a general safety check and repair anything that appears completely unsafe that is in my power to fix,
And make sure that transformers and such are all properly secured. 

There are a few other things I am sure to run into.  I did however have a question, some of the things I have heard is that the 8A TRIACs the bt137,127/1740-1026-ND/1154768 tend to blow out.  I found some BTA12's that are 12A TRIACs though the gate trigger voltage on these is 1.3V instead of 1.5V my thought was that I could use these possibly as it has been suggested by some they are being driven almost at 100% current limit and thus are over heating.  I thought changing them to a higher current rated one may help with that but I don't know much about TRIACs and if this is a possible solution. 

I suppose that question is a mute point if anyone has a set of replacement boards and firmware for said boards for this in the works, especially if I can help with the testing for such items, I can have the boards printed and build them up and get to testing it out, but I can not find anything when I search or 852D+ rebuild or DIY replacement or any other way I thought to search.

Anyone have any ideas, suggestions, links?
Again I apologize for not being able to just use the search fuction.
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