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1969 Knight R-195 Communications Receiver Kit

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I finally found an older radio that I can build from a kit :-+

It's made by Knight and is dated October, 1969.  The way I see it, it's been sitting in someone's closet for over 50 years waiting for me to work on it!

I consider this a repair too because some of the boards were pre-built by Knight but they used carbon composite resistors that may now be out of tolerance. I'm going to take the time to bring this radio into perfect shape with the best of parts from Digi-Key.

I can hear my neighbors now, "what's that tower for?"

I'll post pictures as I un-box it and scan the schematic tomorrow.

That's totally cool, I'd love to build an old kit like that. I'm sure some people will freak out that you're "ruining" an unbuilt kit by building it but what else is an unbuilt kit good for? Just do a good job, your other work that I've seen has been pretty meticulous. I'm pretty sure my uncle has exactly that same radio, he found it at a garage sale about 30 years ago when it was already old. I remember playing with it sometimes when I was a kid.




...and the Nippon Chemi Con caps are dated '69 too:


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