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Title: 34970A calibration data readout?
Post by: H.O on October 26, 2018, 01:52:31 pm
I've recently aquired an Agilent branded 34970A, complete with printed manual, service guide and schematics for $250+S/H and apart from a dead 3V lithium battery and a noisy fan it seem to function, at least on DCV and OHMs. SCPI over RS232 works and after warming up for an hour it agrees fairly well with my Rigol DM3068:


Now, I've obviously read about the problem with the FRAM-chips in these units and I'm about to order a couple from Digikey. I have a TL866 programmer which is supposed to read/write the FM24C04 but I'm a bit reluctant to mess around with this machine just for the sake of it since it seems to work just fine. If it ain't broke and all that.

So I'm asking if anyone knows of a way to do a closed case "dump", or backup if you will, of the calibration data which can then later on be used to restore the calibration in case the FRAM dies?