Author Topic: HP 5326B Voltmeter Assembly Repair  (Read 1695 times)

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HP 5326B Voltmeter Assembly Repair
« on: July 18, 2014, 05:08:02 pm »
Hi folks,

i've got an old HP 5326B frequency counter laying around in my cellar which I bought a few years ago on ebay.

The frequency-counting part works perfectly fine, but unfortunately the voltmeter assembly is broken. This assembly is used show the trigger level and it also turns the device into an 4,5-Digit voltmeter. The assembly consists out half a dozend ECL-chips, which are next to unobtainable by todays measures.

To repair this assembly I need one MC1014P (Dual R-S Flip-Flop - Positive Clock) and one MC1033P (Dual R-S Flip-Flop - Single Rail, Negative Clock). Can anybody give me a hint how I could possibly replace those chips? I've been looking around on eBay for quite some time, the MC1033P is available for about 12 bucks (excl. shipping to germany), but the MC1033P seems to be completely unobtainable  :'( .

So my questions are:

Does anybody have those chips laying around, willing to sell them to me for a small amount of money + shipping?
Does anybody know about some russian equvalent chips?
Does anybody of you have experience in recreating these chips?

(I hope my english isn't too bad, i normally only talk to people from china and india)
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