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Acer Aspire 5735Z laptop power problem


This computer was working fine until I went to turn it on recently.It works fine on battery,but restarts or turns off when an adaptor in connected.I have tried another adaptor which  makes no difference. When looking on the internet this model laptop,and many other  Acer,and Toshiba laptops  share a common problem. They are fitted  with the notorious NEC/TOKIN 0E907 'Proadlizer' value of  900ufd 2.5 volt. This is a different name for a capacitor. It is used on the CPU core voltage circuit. My first thought was to replace this one item with 4- 330ufd 6.3 volt panasonic capacitors( working solution suggested by many repairers). I measured the AC millivolts on a true RMS meter expecting to read a high unstable value.My meter showed about 9 milliohm when the laptop is battery powered .I expected a higher reading when I connected the adaptor,and got the same results. This leads me to think this 'Proadlizer' is fine,and  there is a totally different fault somewhere in the power supply circuit on the motherboard. There are no burn marks on the 0E907(see attached photo) Any help would be gratefully received.

I second the recommendation to change the NEC/TOKIN, i did it on a friend's Acer Aspire 18" or 21" (it was from the same age as yours). Can't remember exactly the symptoms, but the computer worked fine for years afterwards.
There's no need to make a pretty repair, you can bodge some SMD camps like I did (see attachment).

Thank You,anybody else have any ideas please?


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