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acer p193w acting strange


Hello, first post here, so i have an acer p193 that has a couple of years under its belt but now sudenly its started acting upp, it seems to have trouble starting upp (flickering lines, takes multiple tryes if it even starts) so i teared it open today. It seems to have somekind of white gunk leaking out of the caps on it.
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So my question is: is it salvagable or should i toss it and just buy a new one?

Edit: sorry for the bad quality picture, only had my old camera on hand, will try to get a clearer picture when i get my hands on another camera
Edit2: the cap with the red cross on it is slightly bulky on the top

The white gunk isn't a problem. It's silicone adhesive to hold the capacitors in place and keep them from wiggling around.

The bulging capacitor is definitely bad. I'd try replacing that to see if it fixes the problem - it does sound like a typical power supply problem to me. Make sure to use a low-ESR cap, if that's what the original one is.


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