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Hi all, what do you think about a R3463 spectrum analyzer that does not start until 24 - 48 hours have passed since the last start? (excluding 'when it starts do not turn it off' :-DD ) It loads the files but the screen remains stuck on the Advantest logo...
Cheers Maurizio

  Preface: i'm not an electronic professional, i'm just a hobbyist .
A year ago an electronic engineer friend of mine gave me a lot of non-working equipment,
telling me "repairs too expensive, use them to make parts ..." including: HP 8753C (zero signal output
and keyboard not working: repaired with new YIG oscillator and keyboard rebuild) and Advantest R3463 (" don't start").
I have checked the voltages of the power supply and they are ok; I have opened all the boards and there is no visible damage;
before replacing all SMD electrolytic capacitors i took one apart and tested with ESR meter, and it looks good ...
it starts every now and then only when it has been turned off for 1 - 2 days, and then it seems to work ...
is there anyone who has had similar experiences?
Tnx, Maurizio

A very lucky guy to get an HP 8753C for free ;-)

First step, get the documentation:
- for the R3463 there is only the Operation Manual https://xdevs.com/doc/Advantest/R3265A/ADV%20R3463%2C%20R3465%20Series%20Operation.pdf
- but many circuits/boards are the same of the R3265 which have the fully service manual. Get it at https://xdevs.com/doc/Advantest/R3265A/

Second step, fix the power-on intermittent issue:
- disconnect the power supply from the board and check it with DC load or power resistors. You should load the power supply at half the power at least.
- if the power supply is working fine you need to move to the dc/dc circuits on the boards.
- check if there is some back signal to the power supply that disable it to start
- check all DC/DC circuits with an external power supply (regulating voltage/current)

When you have resolved the power issue you can move on. Many of the Advantest's spectrum analyzer of those years have issues with compact flash and battery.

Hi rainbow, thanks for the reply! I downloaded everything and now I have something to read ...
I believe the power supply is working, the voltages are in order, I have measured the output currents with a DC clamp and they are 'reasonable', I have started to test the electrolytics on the outputs of the power supply and (for now) they are ok ...
Thanks again, Maurizio

Try to understand which power line (5V, 12V, ecc.) doesn't power up or if there is some low resistance on the line voltage when doesn't power up.
Good luck



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