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Agilent 16755A Blade Debug and Repair


I have just bought one of these Agilent 16755A http://www.home.agilent.com/en/pd-30850-pn-16755A/timing-and-state-module?&cc=GB&lc=eng blades really cheap for my Agilent 16702B logic analyser mainframe and looking for some debug help to try and repair it. This is probably a long shot but worth a go considering how much these blades still cost.

When I install it in the mainframe it is not detected in the software. It looks like the blade interfaces to the bus backplane using a Xilinx Virtex II, does anyone know the backplane pinout so that I can probe it?

Stay off of the backplane.

Does it have all the cables ? Is the cascade cable in place ?
I have seen frequently blades for sale that used to be in a machine in cascade (2 or 3 or 4 blades ganged together ) They sell the blades individually but don't plug in the cascade cable and they don't have the default cable. At that point there is no communication possible and the card won't be detected.

look at the side of the card. there is a hole in the card with 5 connecotrs  (like 20 pins connectors). on is angled the others are straight. there should be a short ribbon cable going from the center to the one labeled '1' . if that i smissing : bingo. there is your problem.

to gang cards together you string the cable from the center , through the hole to '1' of the card above. the center of the second card goes to '2' in the card above and so on... if you use the card standalone you must create the 'patch' locally to yourself.

if you grab the service manual on agilents site :
page 126 cable W1 is what i am talking about.

W2 is the databus expander. you don't need those. but you DO need W1

Yeah I know exactly what you mean about the cascade ribbon on the second hand market and avoid, also the securing thumb screws missing is a bad sign too.

Anyway yeah the ribbon is attached correctly and I buzzed it through to make sure. The service manual isn't much use probably because there isn't much you can service.

I havent checked the power rails yet but could be tricky to get access when its installed in the mainframe. Also I havent connected the probe leads but wouldnt expect this to stop it being identified.

Mmmmm not sure.

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