Author Topic: Agilent 33250A doesn't boot fully  (Read 843 times)

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Agilent 33250A doesn't boot fully
« on: January 02, 2017, 07:36:22 pm »
Hi folks. I received an Agilent 33250a to attempt repair on. It boots most of the way but gets stuck shortly before I think it should kick over and begin accepting user input. The front panel lights come on, the display reads, "Agilent Technologies 33250A," but gets no further. I think it's at the point where it *should* be testing either the DSP or the waveform memory banks, but it never gets that far.

I've done some debugging so far and noticed the following:

* the power supply was misaligned and the voltages were out of spec from the service manual (corrected).
* Another post mentioned the main SRAM being a potential problem point on these so it was proactively replaced (no change).
* All points on the board with oscillator references on the silkscreen have the proper clock on them with the exception of the synthesis FPGA and the waveform RAM.
* The main gate array (U302) gets loaded by the configuration IC (U301) and asserts MAR_AWAKE to the CPU.
* The main gate array (U302) loads the configuration into the synthesis FPGA (U1201) and it asserts SYN_CONFDONE to the CPU.
* The primary PLL (U901) never gets configured by the CPU (I figure this will be done after the CPU is done testing the waveform RAM and it's handed over to the DSP/synthesis FPGA).
* The DSP RAM (U507) contents never appear to be loaded (the DSP_RAM_CE line never gets asserted).

I have no way of testing the DSP as I don't own a JTAG adapter nor the software to attempt this. I *think* the boot process might be getting stuck here waiting on the DSP to come alive, but I can't figure out how to test it any further. I'd just as soon replace the DSP but the part is obsolete and I can't find it for sale anywhere.

The service manual for this AWG is available at:

In the interest of full disclosure, this is the most complex thing I've attempted to repair thus far and I'm probably a bit beyond my abilities. If anyone has any ideas on where to look next or what I can do to positively identify the DSP being either the problem or alive I'd appreciate it. I really want to get this thing working :)


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Re: Agilent 33250A doesn't boot fully
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2017, 08:52:55 am »
I went ahead and reprogrammed the 29F040 ROMs U207 - U210 using the firmware someone posted in another thread in this section. The unit still doesn't get any further than it did before and I still don't have any idea how to test this TMS320 for operation.

I will say that the CLKOUT line on that DSP is working, though I'm not sure if that is controlled by the logic core at all.

I'm stuck. I need someone's advice who knows what they're doing :/

Any help would be appreciated.

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