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Agilent DSO3202A


Hello Everyone,

I have an Agilent DSO3202A and 3 of the controls go wacky [attachimg=1](see Pic). In other words, are not linear. I dismantled the keyboard but couldn't find the part #. Would anyone know what part # these are ?

Thanks for any assistance.


I had a similar problem on an Agilent DSO1002A, only it was the time and voltage scale buttons. Spraying in contact cleaner cleared things up right away. I don't even need to take the scope apart, it was enough to full firmly on the knobs to remove them, and then guide the contact cleaner in around the exposed shaft. I gave each knob a few whirls, pushed the button a time or ten, and it cleared right up.

Did the same with the push buttons and they started behaving a lot better, too.


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