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Agilent ESA unable to load power suite


I successfully completed the option B72 memory upgrade and installed the latest firmware for my E4411B analyser. All went well until it asked for the power suite install disk. It reads the disk ok, but then throws an error

"Failed to load DLP a:install.o"

It should load fine, so I'm a bit stumped here as to why it won't. I can find no reference to this error. Except in a manual for the E4402B https://maximinstruments.com/pdf_files/AGILENT_E4402B_GSM_EDGE_Guide.pdf

 "If the error message “Failed to load DLP a:install.o” appears,
ignore this message; the message indicates that the installer was
not exited properly. Press the Mode key. If GSM (w/EDGE) now
appears on one of the softkeys, the installation was successful"

So I'm wondering if a similar thing is happening here for some reason  :-//

Weirdly I have been able to install an old version of powersuite utility, the one that is only on 1 disk instead of 3. It installed straight off, no problem at all. How very weird that the latest version won't install.

m k:
Is that file in disk1 only?

Back in the day some install scripts were not very sophisticated.

If you can make doubles you can also add some extras.
Maybe just adding missing file and see what happens.


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