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Agilent/Keysight DC Communication Source OV PROT Error


I'm running into a problem with my 66321B DC communication source, although it could also be user error.  When toggling the self-test error check, it returns error 0, which means that it does not detect any error.  When I turn on the output with or without something connected to the output, it goes into OV PROT mode.  If I disable OV protection it then instead goes into unregulated mode.  I have been trying to use it via front panel or 14565B software and get the same result both times.

For anyone that owns a 66309, 66311, 66319, 66321 or similar source have you encountered a similar error?

I bought a pair of faulty 66312As a while back and one of them behaved like this. The problem turned out to be a blown output fuse on the mainboard.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think the fuse is the problem.  I checked all the fuses I could see inside the unit and none of them appeared to be blown.
I think there is something else going wrong here, but am unsure as to what it is since this unit does not have a publicly available service manual (that I can find).  I'm going through the 66309 service manual, since I am hoping that is similar enough.
When turning off the OV protection, it sets itself to 0.7ish volts and shows a 1.4A-ish current draw.  I feel like there is a short somewhere internally, but I don't see any toasty burnt parts.


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