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All rubber buttons have bounce effect on DS1052E

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All rubber buttons have strong bounce effect on DS1052E.

I'm not sure that "bounce" is correct word. It is ignoring or multiclicking. Sometimes, when I press rubber (soft?) button it does not react, but more likely it react with 2 or 3 presses.

Affected all rubber (soft) buttons.
I did not opened device yet.
I did not find much, googling "scope button bounces".

I wonder is it some specific for this scope or it is common "remote control buttons" problem?

Could also be a software problem, so I suggest to start from the simplest thing - reset scope, update firmware if it is not the latest.

A quick google search did not show this to be a common problem with that unit. If it is affecting all the keys, you could have a general problem.

Start with Step 1:
Thou shalt check voltages.

Or if it resembles TV remotes, oily residue

My DS1052E does this too, and it's incredibly annoying. Though I only noticed my unit do this after I hacked the firmware to operate at 150 MHz bandwidth. So--for me at least--it does seem to be reversible when changing the bandwidth back down to 50 MHz. The odd thing is, it doesn't always act up, some days it works fine, then others it's almost impossible to use the soft keys and sometimes the timebase rotary encoder adjusts in the wrong direction.

So if you have hacked your scope to 100 or 150 MHz, try reverting back to the stock bandwidth/model and see if that helps.

If you haven't hacked your unit or opened it up, Rigol is actually really good about accepting RMAs to fix problems if it's still under warrenty. You pay to ship to them and they pay to ship the equipment back to you.


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