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Amplifier/DSP problem, repair suggestion
« on: January 23, 2012, 02:53:50 pm »
Dear members,

While trying to fit a transfer funtion (which has nothing to do with the problem at all) I use the amplifier of a LG XA102 mico audio set.

When I power up the amplifier the signal output is very low (say 10 times lower than it should be). First I thought this had to to with an input signal which is to high (causing the DSP to scale the output or something) but even with no input the problem remains. Still I am able to start the system after an arbritray numbers of restarts (ranging from 1 till 50+). The problem has nothing to do with the selected input, speakers, antennan's, location, time of the day etc. It appears randomly but never after the system had a succesfull start.

Have anyone a clue how to check the circuitry for the root cause? I have a signal generator and scope to check things.

Thank you.

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