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Analog discovery broken micro USB port


Can anyone help the Analogue discovery board USB port is not solders on the board on my board at least. I only discovers this when I tried to insert a cable into the miro USB slot and the port dislodged bits self.
I tried to resolder it to the board. With no sucess also the micro USB port only has two pins for the differential data. I would like to get this problem fix please if anyone can help. I upload the pcb image.

I can't tell from your photo but it looks like the data traces are torn and side ground pads are ok. You will have to resolder it and run some thin jumper wire from each pin to the component the signal needs to connect to. This can be quite difficult without the appropriate equipment (small soldering iron tip, good flux, magnifying glass, etc.)

Or ask manufacturer for an RMA.

Looks like I'm going to have to send it back. Hope its still in warranty.


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