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Another Fluke87 problem

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Sorry im new here and if my problem has been discussed before i apologize.
My fluke 87  shows a -34Kohms on the ohm scale with no leads. it also shows -4 volts on the dc volt scale, again with no leads.
All other positions look normal. I had it sent into a repair facility ( not Fluke Co.) They weren't able to find anything wrong with, but installed a new lead jacks.
Any ideas on where to look?

Take it apart and post clear focused pictures of both sides of the pcb.

If you're lucky, it could be a simple IPA bath cleaning or it could be your input protection components are bad.

Do you have another working meter to make measurements of the input protection components?

Thanks for the replay, i do have another meter a fluke 88, buts its at work at this time. it will be a few  days until i can get it.

Here are the pictures

2nd pic


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