Author Topic: Anritsu S331D / S332D / S810D / S820D / MS2711D HELP!! (LCD Cable Info)  (Read 922 times)

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Hi. I am trying to repair an Anritsu S332D that arrive in pretty bad shape. The analyzer seems to be alive and working because I can take screen dumps with the MasterSoftwareTools via serial port (see attachament of a 750MHz, -20dBm signal).

The problem is it arrived with a crashed TFT and (worse) some missing pieces. The most critical being the cable I've been looking to the LCD datasheet and the signals on the motherboard and they don't even seem to be compatible. Someone has pointed to the LCD "cable" having electronics in it. Those are terrible news...

It is also interesting to note that the LB064V02 LCD display has a CCFL connector that is a lot smaller than the one on the motherboard. The cable may also contain a way to adapt the diffent power connector for the backlight.

Does anyone have information (pinout, wiring, pictures, etc).. on this cable assembly. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

I am attaching a few pictures that might be of interest.

Thank you,

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Hi i have a same issue the tft dst is bad nothing on the screen is showing, and no cable inside the case? someone try to fix it without succes. It has to connector for a color and a dstn display i think the fpga can handle both and switch to the right mode but how? My one drives default the older dstn screen with 640*480. (i measured the pixel clock etc. on the sockets, both sockets are shared). the black is for dstn and the white 31pin is for color display.
Habe you a cable for the 31 pin connector? That would help a lot. i beleive the switching between the modes is made by a jumper bridge on the flat cable.

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