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Good morning, I have an Anritsu S332D that passes all the initial tests, its internal bolometer works well, spectrum analyzer and tracking without problems, but the roe measurement, although the calibrations are carried out without problem, the final response has a lot of noise or a lot of imprecision, that is, if after calibrating I place a load of 100 ohm to see a swr of 2:1, looking at the graph it is impossible to define the value of sww, showing, depending on frequency, an infinite number of peaks with values between 1:1 and 5: 1, I think that some RF switch is not working correctly, that's why I'm looking for a diagram and component distribution, any help?

hi, to the best of my info schematic for this model is not available.  i do have some experience in repairing these and can help you but it you mentioned stuff like bolometer , ROE etc which i cannot co relate.

To move ahead pls send me high resolution pictures of both sides of your main board.  i should be then able to zoom in and see parts etc for faults.

i general this unit has a spectrum analyser module as separate and the main board is responsible for site master functions and processing etc


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