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Does anyone knows this type of connector?

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I'm planning a repair of a Weller soldering station (WDM) + smd tweezers (WMRTMS). The connector on the tweezers is broken so I am trying to find a replacement one (on the connector there is no brand, they are branded "Weller").

Anyone knows what type of connector it is?
The female is 12P and the male is using only 6P

At the beginning I thought it was an Hirose-connector. But I cannot find the right one. Any hints?

Looks like a custom insert for a DIN connector.  My Weller WSL has a 6 pole DIN connector, but that doesn't look standard either..

It looks like similar to PACE soldering iron connector. I do not think it is custom made.

http://www.sealconusa.com/connectors/products/conn_selection/signal/config_conn/config_12_pole.htm ?


The pinout seems identical. The male (plug) outer shell is 15.4mm (excluding the retaining ring lock).

The main difference that i see with the seacon M23 connector is that the Weller connector has 2*180deg keys for the retaining lock and 1 key just on the top of the three top pins-the ones in a line (sorry not much visible from the first picture...).

I'll keep looking... ;)


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