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Anyone knows how to clone a HDD without any partitions? [DONE!]

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I have a hard drive from a 86142B, which is an optical spectrum analyzer. The instrument has a HDD with the firmware in it. The HDD does not have any partitions nor does it show up as anything meaningful under windows.

I tried Clonezilla (which is Unix-based) to duplicate it. But the software doesn't like the fact that the HDD has no partitions. It is as if they just wrote data to the sectors of the drive and used it like "memory" without any file structure.

Has anyone dealt with anything like this?

If the HDD is healthy, you can use the Tools -> Copy Sectors function of DMDE to clone the drive sector-by-sector. You can either clone it to another physical HDD, or you can create an image file.


DMDE is both a disc editor and a data recovery tool. It can recognise many file systems, and it can extract known file types from the image, if any exist.

If the HDD has bad sectors or bad heads, you can use HDDSuperClone (now open source). This tool understands how to work with failing HDDs.


In both cases the cloning process is OS-agnostic, ie the HDD is treated as a bunch of bits.

Fire up any Linux-based system and just use dd to copy the raw block device across. You can probably just use Clonezilla and switch to a terminal to do it.

I am going to try the suggestions now!

Try Macrium Reflect


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