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Anyone repaired Ionmax ION390? Extra screws :/


Hi all,

Re-assembling a Ionmax ION390 air purifier after removing the top LCD control panel, I seem to have 2 extra screws that I, for the life of me, cannot see where they go. I've taken a couple of pictures, buuuuut there's always that one picture you need, but you didn't take :/.

I know it's a long-shot but has anyone repaired this before would have an idea?

Not much luck with the screws, but it seems I have another issue. I noticed some legs were broken from what I assume is the LED backlight(?). Does anyone know the name of this part, whether it can be replaced or whether the piece I have is universal (ie I can get from Aliexpress)?

for the screws

well   in some case dismantle everything again and check  for missing screws who hold something ...


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