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APC Smart UPS 6000 Repair [FIXED]

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Decided that I'd rather do this once/properly and since I haven't been able to find anything locally that matches the Aliexpress welder inverter capacitor that @bdunham7 originally linked so have ordered that - hopefully won't take too long (I did the 'Aliexpress standard shipping' that @5U4GB suggested so we'll see).

This also has the advantage that I can solder short wires with spade terminals to the board and then just plug it in rather than soldering directly to the cap - some of the datasheet soldering times are a bit scary.

Thanks all (again!), will update when it's arrived & fitted

Latest update:

Still waiting on the AliExpress welding inverter cap, but in the meantime from @bdunham7's suggestion I'd also ordered 2 x 10uF @600VDC caps from Mouser which turned up today - so I 'piggybacked' them and tried them out (picture). Was very careful soldering and used 'heat shunt' clips on the leads to try and make sure too much heat didn't go up the legs into the caps.

Just tried it out and UPS appears to be working fine(!) Passes self test, no warnings/errors in logs or on front panel and seems to be charging up the batteries fine \o/

Thanks all for the help & advice in here, first time I've attempted a repair on something like this and VERY happy to have an apparently functional unit at the end.

Thats great!  However, a quick note about those zip-ties--I wouldn't let them be directly in contact with the capacitors like that and I would be very careful to use low force when tightening them.  Perhaps a pieice of plastic or something under the zip tie where it contacts the curved surface would do it.  The reason is that these wound film capacitors can be damaged by physical distortion as they don't really have a case.  Doing it like  you have is probably not extremely bad, but it isn't ideal.

Thanks - and good to know, the previous cap had a zip-tie around it quite tightly onto the board (there's are 2 gel-like cushioning pads on the board under the bottom cap) so I've made the new ties 'firm' to hold the caps in place, but not particularly tight. Will make sure they're not too tight to deform the caps though and maybe put some soft plastic around the top one to keep the zip-tie away from the 'case'. Thanks again for all the help & advice


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