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APC UPS Display Problem


Homer J Simpson:
I have this APC XS1300 that has developed an odd problem with the LCD I have not seen before. Unit was working fine. All functions work ok.

LCD was very bright and viewable from wide angles. Now it is only visible from a sharp angle. It wasn't gradual just one day it started.

Have not had a chance to get inside yet to check caps and voltages but wanted to post to see what anyone my think.

Sounds like the most possible thing is that somehow something happened to the trimpot they used to calibrate the initial brightness at the factory, but tbh, almost impossible to know without teardown to see how they have it set up.

Looks like the LCD display could be in power save mode.

[see: page 4]

--- Quote ---Power-Saving LCD screen

The display interface can be configured to remain continuously illuminated or to extinguish after a period of inactivity to save electricity.

1. Continuous Illumination mode: Press and hold DISPLAY button for two seconds. The display will illuminate and the Back-UPS will beep to confirm Continuous Illumination mode is activated.

2. Power-Saving mode: Press and hold DISPLAY button for two seconds. The display will extinguish and the Back-UPS will beep to confirm Power-Saving mode is activated. While in Power-Saving mode, the display will illuminate if a button is pressed, it will extinguish after 60 seconds of inactivity.

--- End quote ---


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