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Are these cables truly proprietary or can I find them somewhere else?


Hi everyone:

I bought some LED lights that I need to link together. The problem is that the manufacturer only offers the 3-prong 110V cable to gang them together in a maximum length of 3 feet. Sure, you can use a box, but in my situation, I'd like to avoid that.

The manufacturer swears the connectors on these cables are proprietary, but I could swear I've seen them before.


i had some battle with theses connectors years ago,  i can't remember where  i found the ''roundish corners'' version of it,  took an solder pen  to ''square'' the corners

good luck

oh  i do recall some t5 bars have a 3 prong connector  rounded corners / molded,   not sure if the pins spacing do fit ??

maybe something similar ??    you have some physical dimensions on the page

Thanks for that. I think those are a bit different. I added a second picture, of the other end of the cable, in case that helps.

maybe you are thinking of these https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2251832657521812.html
probably close on the pins but the plastic don't mate.

Could maybe fill it in with UV Activated resin? (My favorite new toy after getting teeth filled with it at the dentist)

If you are into mods maybe try these I have used before.


but not real safe for humid environs...

look over that site as they carry many types.


Those first ones you linked to are the same as the ones coromonadalix linked to, just somewhere else.

The second one you linked to appears to be standard IEC power, which is wildly different than these.


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