Author Topic: ASUS GTX780 Poseidon - "please power down and connect the pcie power cable..."  (Read 755 times)

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Hi Tech-Gods, i'm new here and newbie in electronics too.

Long story short:
Years ago i have purchased a soldering station (Iron+air blower) and began to learn the basics of reballing, and now i can succesfully reball any VGA even GK110-300/425-B1 chips (the one that got smd capacitors between the soldering points), but later it will not be enough because sometimes a dead card is dead because of a shorted component, so i bought a multimeter (that can measure capacitance too) and began to learn how can i measure basic things with it.

Now i have a project i need help with, i need help to find a shorted/malfunctioning component on an ASUS GTX780 Poseidon graphics card.

The story of this card:
- I have bought it as non-working, it have one green and one red led behind each of the PCI-eX power connectors and when i put in the card the RED leds are normally needs to light up, while the GREEN ones are not until i connect the power connectors, so when i plug in the power connectors the RED lights needs to be in off state while the GREEN ones are lit.
- So in the beginning the card generally had a malfunction that when i put it in the PC, the RED ones were lit, and the GREEN ones are lighted up too, but with a lower lumen so like half-power, the PC won't saw the card absolutely, only the fans were working, no picture, the PC booted up with the integrated VGA.
- I have began to replace the components on the backside of the card, with components with the same value, especially transistors, found out that one of them marked "702" was faulty, because i have measured the pins in resistance mode and acted differently like the other one marked "702"
- Now the led backlights are working perfectly, the PC now recognises the card and can get a picture of "Please power down and plug in the PCI-E power connectors..."
- I have measured a lot of things, i'm posting the photos what i have already did

Any help appreciated! Thank you :)


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