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ASUS proart Studiobook h7600ZW; Had DC in port replaced and all the sudden it is


Hi all,

I sent my ProArt Studiobook 16 OLED (H7600, 12th Gen Intel) to the local repair guys to have a very simple DC in port replaced. I sourced the part myself on accessoires-asus (french company) after struggling to find the right part in the UK. It looked completely the same to the installed part from what I can tell. Originally the only issue with the laptop was a bad / loose DC connection, and so the computer and battery acted completely normal aside from a very poor connection that would fail at certain angles. After the repair was completed I brought it home and used it for a while, problem solved, but soon realized the battery wasn't charging at all! although the battery notification was reading that it was plugged in and it evening display a time till fully charged display (clocking upward, with a sense of humour I suppose).

Slowly the battery was depleting with use and the charger did nothing. I tried starting it with the battery unplugged, no luck. I check battery connections as well, no luck. I have now sent it back to the repair guys and they are stumped and currently working on it. I'm doing the best I can to help out by posting here. The repair guys said there is voltage leaving the DC port, but I haven't seen this with my own eyes so who knows.

What could possibly be happening here? it is an entirely new problem compared to when I was using the laptop before. Could this be caused by a low quality DC port if that is even a thing? Or is it else where in the mother board. I saw some repair videos on different manufacturers devices (like hp) where the problem ended up being a shorted diode and a faulty EC chip. But again, no problem before the installation of this DC port. We are ordering another one currently to give it a try, but I am not sure that's the problem.

I am including an image of the component and the component on top of the faulty component prior to install. I do not have images after the install but can ask the repair shop for some if needed.

Please help!

I did years ago exactly those repairs.
so, every laptop i saw worked solely with the DC adapter plugged in. so start with this.
i repaired lot of motherboards with capacitors and mosfets burned in power section, the power management in a laptop is for the advanced electronics guy.
so just remove your battery and start repairing, usually you search some schematics (not exactly for your mobo, it may be a cousin) and see if the voltage from your Dc adapter goes where it should, gets 'validated' by the pmic ic and then you have some small voltages. quick test, the power button must have some 3v3 or whatever voltage on it, sign that pmic validated the dc adapter and started to generate the standby voltage(s).
if this is ok, that's good.
check if dv voltage is passing into the mobo fine and also if the ID pin of the adapter does the same first of all, maybe the repair guy did a simple mistake, but i doubt they miss something as simple.


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