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Attempting Repair Of Sony KDL 32L504 With Double Vision

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Greetings EEVBees:

--I gave up on this project. But then a video by Maxxarcade (see below for link), gave me an idea. Since I want a DVI TV output, I am going to try a project similar to Max's, using a Universal DVI TV board (includes remote and sensor, for only $13) replacement (see second link below). I will not know if I can accomplish this TV board transplant, until I get the board and the specs, and take the back off of the Sony Bravia KDL 32L504, identify the display, get the pin outs, and buy a cable if necessary.


--If I have any luck I will fix the TV, or at least confirm that the screen is good or not.

P.S. I highly recommend Maxxarcade's videos. The general watchability,  intelligibility, real useful information content, and professional ability, make Max one the few electronic video bloggers, that I consider in the same class as Dave. If you have watched as many electronics videos as I have, you would realize that is high praise indeed.

--If the monitors do not mind, I thought I would start a new subject and thread, when I attempt the TV board replacement.

"If it were done when 'tis done, then t'were well. It were done quickly."
William Shakespeare 1564 1616

Best Regards
Clear Ether


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