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Attempting Repair Of Sony KDL 32L504 With Double Vision

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Greetings EEVBees:

--Pictures below show my neighbor's Sony KDL 32l504 CCFL TV. I thought at first that the trouble was the tab bonds. I removed the bezel and the metal frame and pushed on both tab bonds, but this had no effect at all on the picture. I am wondering if possibly it could be a Tcon problem. When looking at the screen the upper ghost image has jitter but the bottom image is steady.

--I have downloaded the manual from Electrotanya, and have run the diagnostic self test, but it shows no errors. I have also checked all the voltages going from the PS to the Main Board and they appear to be correct and steady. My neighbor has two of these, both make in AUG 2009, and both have he identical problem. Should I try replacing the Tcon? Any and all advice would be appreciated.

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Looks like the vertical shift register is intermittently skipping a bunch of lines. Are any of the chips unusually hot?

Dear Amyk:

--Thanks so much for the quick response. Would the vertical shit register be on the Tcon or the Main Board?

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Disconnecting them alternately while powering off and on should reveal if it's a tab or bonding problem. You would expect the rest of the image to go crisp when it's isolated.

Almost all reports of Sonys with that issue seem to be bonding problems. That symptom is generally Tcon, Tcon power circuit related, trough to the bonding or panel it's self.

Dear Stock:

--Thanks for your response. In this particular TV there are two ribbon cables coming out of the display itself and bonded to the long PCB at the top, the PCB in turn has a single receptacle which receives a single flat flex cable from the Tcon. So in this case it is not possible to temporarily disconnect either one of the ribbon cables which are permanently bonded at both ends. However, I have indeed previously seen the arrangement you mention. Please see at the bottom a picture of a very similar arrangement. I still have not decided whether to try replacing the Tcon or not. It is a neighbor's TV, and if I spend $30 for a Tcon, and it does not work, I might be stuck with it. Thanks Again!

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