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Attempting to repair an insanely cheap LCD display (why the waste? )

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An 8 inch LCD panel failed on me (Display came with a $200 4 security camera + 500GB networked DVR)

I noticed, 2 different ribbon cables (same pin count), Only issue is that the transparent ribbon cable is long enough to reach the connector on the PCB. The LCD is obviously designed to be as cheap as possible, so why add that extra bit of stuff?
The extra PCB has no special components on it.

I attached 2 images of the seemingly unnecessary part.

Overall, why the waste?

(click for full size)

LCD-1 by Razor512, on Flickr

LCD-2 by Razor512, on Flickr

There might be several other models with a similar BOM, and the extender PCB + connectors might've been cheaper than ordering another custom length of flex.

Or maybe it's a debugging facility of some sort...

It looks like it might be an extender cable to allow board testing. Should have been removed before assembly

The type of connector that is on the LCD is very fragile and while it might reach , someone assembling it without that board in between could easy damage it.

Looks like it might be too short for easy assembly without the extension. Otherwise FPC cables and connectors have contact up and contact down styles which the board and cable might be changing.


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